Welcome to newcomers on the fediverse. 🎉​

Here are some helpful #tutorial resources to get you started. 🙂​

* An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon by @noelle: github.com/joyeusenoelle/Guide

* The Trunk utility also lists users you can follow based on subjects of interest: communitywiki.org/trunk

* Follow @feditips for handy hints about how to navigate fedi culture.

* Follow @FediFollows for follow recommendations.

* If you want to create an alt account, or view accounts on instances that "defederate" from mastodon.social, you can find a new home by using this wizard: instances.social/

Finally, remember that this is *not* Twitter. This is a giant network of interconnected servers run primarily by unpaid volunteers, and each server has its own rules. Make sure you read them, follow them, and tip your admins with donations. 🙂​

If you're looking for a cheap board that runs or maybe even @haiku , check out kickstarter.com/projects/starf

The VisionFive 2 looks descent. It all models up to 8GiB of ram are under $100 usd.

@trashheap oh. If you really want to get into it. Check archive.org way back machine for the company that used to make it's website. I've found old printer drivers like that before.

@trashheap unfortunately flatbed scanners (especially the ones pre-2012) are a vast wasteland of proprietary undocumented protocols. If they're USB they might work under Linux... But the early 2000 are littered with closed source, fly by night company, parallel port monstrosities.

Honestly, give it a try under Linux.. but if that doesn't work they're e-waste.

Achievement unlocked: fixed a bug in the core logic of @haiku's kernel thread scheduler, which provided a nice 10% performance boost in some benchmarks (and fixed a recent whole-system-hang regression) 😀 github.com/haiku/haiku/commit/

Caught this on the most recent #BSDNow podcast. Looking forward to trying this out on my Motorola StarMax running #BeOS 5.0.3 Pro Edition. :flan_hacker: #RetroComputing #ClassicComputing #TLS

Old Vintage Computing Research: Crypto Ancienne 2.0 now brings TLS 1.3 to the Internet of Old Things (except BeOS)

@pixelherodev language is hard. What spurred this post was something my elderly mom kept saying, I finally had to correct her that it was a term people really didn't use anymore.

It really hit me that every generation goes through the loss of words, either because they're (un-)purposefully hurtful, or generally out of style.

Either you adapt, or you grow increasingly out of touch with the generations that come after you.


Tldr; We all have blinders, and can fall into traps of using hurtful words because they're what you learned to be normal.

What's key is you accept criticism, and adjust.

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This is a reminder that vocabulary changes. I grew up in the 90's, and it was common to call things re*arded.

I missed the memo 10 years ago and said something was that around a friend's teenage kid. The kid looked aghast and mentioned nobody says that anymore.

You know what? The kid was right. I adjusted and dropped that word from my vocabulary.

Don't blame the kid, or call them PC when this happens to you. Re-examine yourself. Trust me, as you get older it'll happen to you.

asking for Mastodon admin help 

@ljwrites as for local storage, look for log files on disk in /var/log (and wherever you installed mastodon)

Find a big one? Run ```> /log/file/name``` to truncate it.

asking for Mastodon admin help 

@ljwrites use object storage. Companies like wasabi have unlimited* egress and you pay like $4.99 / mo per TiB.

*They've changed the policy to egress equal to amount of data stored. Pay for 1TiB and you can pull 1TiB before they get pissy.

Initial data from new pack. It's honestly running pretty smooth so far. A ton more capacity vs my old lead-acid batteries. MPPT charge controller working really well.

Hm... and just as I finish starting Mastodon, I see a reference to misskey-hub.net/en/ which looks even cooler 😐

Ok. New server. With shutting down, I just setup my own damn server. Tired of moving around.

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